In my home studio allows you just to arrive, and have to do nothing else. Everything is prepared for you. No need to prep your house, or clean up.

In studio there is less for you to do. Parents find it more relaxing, as you don’t have to prep your home. Babes do too ! I've done both over the years, and now only do in studio newborns. I need a very warm environment and lighting which non-photographers just don’t understand, and never could get right. Now that I’ve switched to in studio I get far superior images and happier tiny clients, and FAR FAR more relaxed parents.

FULL newborn sessions are approximately 2.5 - 3 hours long. I always allow for that extra time in case baby needs special attention that day. My home studio is a temperature controlled room for babe's comfort between 80-85 degrees, as we photograph mostly in their birthday suit.

Sit back and watch the session with me and chat, or relax with a some tea and a book, or take a snooze. Parent, and images with additional children, the new family, can be added.

I have a prop closet moms can make use of, and a few different items for siblings and dads too. If you don't want to make use of my clothes for your family images, I will walk you through what to wear for your session. Once your session is confirmed I send you a link with LOTS of examples of what to wear, as well as photos of my shirts for parents and more information!

No guesswork, and lots of help so this is the least stressful process. You do after all have much more of an important job to take care of your newborn. Let me take care of the rest!


You don't need to bring anything, just yourselves. I suggest scheduling your newborns sessions in your second or third trimester if at all possible.

I have all the necessary props and blankets, bonnets, and buckets and bowls to pose your beautiful newborn in. Just bring your regular diaper bag, a pacifier if you are using one, and extra milk for babe of course.

Newborn sessions are typically scheduled in the first 14 days of life. However can be scheduled up to 3-4 weeks if you are scheduling late, do chat with me as it depends on what gestational age babe was born and babe's weight.

WHY in the first 2-3 weeks? When babies are first born they still have the relaxant hormone from birth, and are able to curl into the same adorable positions they were in the womb, they also spend most of their time sleeping. After this, they start not sleeping as soundly, uncoiling from their previous womb like poses, and go on a growth spurt, and are not as persuadable into curling up for poses needed for newborn portraiture.


Editing & retouching

For newborn sessions, unlike lifestyle photography (unposed), my in studio photography is edited and retouched by hand. Each image takes a lot of time, as I even out skin tone, get rid of baby flakes, if babe is jaundice I take care of that. If babe acne occurs I even take care of that! SKIN retouching is all included! All this isn’t done in an in home lifestyle session retouching. INCLUDED! in my pricing. ALSO - note! new parents, I add a ‘little help’ under the eyes as you’ve been up all night with these sweet new people (yep… included!).


My mini newborn sessions start at $420 and full newborn sessions $700-720. That includes the smallest package in each, you'll see below in session cost + package...... and YES!! you get to choose your package after you see the proofs. Because you don't know how many you want until you see the images right? AND you can choose professional RUSH announcements!



Mini sessions are designed for simplicity of capturing your baby. We capture cute many face, awake or asleep, macro images, one pose the babe goes into easily (baby led). I will happily provide a sample mini gallery for you to look at. We only spent one hour photographing babe. Mini sessions are also ideal for the older newborn (3+ weeks old), as there is less posing. Whereas full sessions are for parents who want more variety in their gallery, more poses, and some props images, I spend much more time photographing baby in a full session compared to a mini. Still confused? Let's chat.

20190211_0103 copy.jpg

and more…

Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for your sneak peeks of your session

Private link with your images for downloading and sharing

Proofs within 5-10 days

Final gallery within 3.5 weeks of your choices and payment

Professional printing

Complimentary professional prints - ask me how!

To book your session I collect your session fee and get you to sign my contract and policies (online form).

I only take a certain amount of due dates a month in order to accommodate the uncertain nature of when baby decides to arrive.

I would love to chat more and answer your questions!